1. Saybrook University

Saybrook University is an institution for humanistic studies. Through the rigorous and advanced programs students can earn degrees in psychology, mind-body medicine, organizational systems, and human science. Saybrook University is unique in that its goal is not solely to award students with degrees but to help students develop into whole people through their bodies, minds, and spirits in order for them to fulfill their highest potentials. The Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies was originally founded in 1971 based on a meeting held in Saybrook in 1964. The institute was started from the desire to create a place where psychologists and psychologists-to-be could learn and grow together. Graduates of the Saybrook College of Psychology have moved on to careers in 16 different nations and continue to contribute enormously to the world of psychology and human science.

Saybrook University is accredited by the Senior Colleges and Universities Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which is one of six regional accrediting agencies that are recognized by the United States Department of Education. The Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center is authorized by the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board.

The Online Psychology Doctorate Programs offered by Saybrook University include a Doctor of Psychology degree ((PsyD degree) in different clinical specialization areas such as Adolescence, Aging, and Integrative Health Studies, as well as a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a PhD in Jungian Studies. Saybrook also offers a number of PhD degrees in Psychology including the PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Clinical Psychology, and a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in Jungian Studies. The PsyD program offered by Saybrook’s College of Psychology is an extremely innovative program geared at shaping next generation’s clinical psychologists.

The Online PsyD degree earned through Saybrook University can provide many great opportunities for individuals looking to further their careers. Students can find a welcoming and accommodating environment at Saybrook University, which is unique and rare to find. The supportive staff and faculty at Saybrook help mold Saybrook students, and Saybrook psychology students in particular, into professional and compassionate clinical psychologists.

2.University of the Rockies

University of the Rockies is a for-profit, independent institute of higher education, namely graduate level programs. It is well known for the Masters of Arts in Psychology (MA) and the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degrees, which are offered. The school offers high-quality, accessible learning to students around the world. University of the Rockies demonstrates and expects integrity, provides the utmost service to students, helps students excel in their given fields, and encourages a diverse university population. Founded in 1998 as the Colorado School of Professional Psychology, University of the Rockies has grown into an impressive higher learning institution that offers a variety of degrees aside from Psychology.

University of the Rockies is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This accreditation implies that the University of the Rockies meets the commission’s requirements. University of the Rockies holds Category I status as a degree granting institution, by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE). Additionally, University of the Rockies is an associate member of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology.

University of the Rockies offers an impressive range of online programs, including prestigious Online PsyD programs. The PsyD degree, which individuals can earn through University of the Rockies has many different possible fields of specialization. Among these specializations are Business Psychology, Criminology and Justice Studies, Educational Leadership, Evaluation, Research, and Measurement, Executive Coaching, and Health and Wellness Psychology. Other specializations offered through the Online PsyD program at University of the Rockies include International Leadership, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Mental Health Administration, Non-Profit Management, Organizational Consulting, and Organizational Diversity. There is also an option to specialize in Organizational Leadership, or Sports and Performance Psychology.

An Online PsyD degree from University of the Rockies differs from a PsyD earned on campus or from another university in that students are given the opportunity to truly understand human behavior, characteristics, and performance dynamics, to raise individual performance, to improve process relationships and to develop skills in effective change management, and to enhance one’s understanding of culture and equity while promoting leadership. University of the Rockies offers high-quality studies for a diverse student body, and prepares them accordingly for real-life positions and career challenges. It is this for this reason that a PsyD graduate would graduate prepared to tackle the highly competitive world of clinical psychology.

3. Ryokan College

Ryokan College, which was founded in 1978, is a private, nonprofit coeducational college located in Los Angeles, California. This institute of higher education offers outstanding online programs using the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art software for Internet Education. In addition to offering a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology degree (PsyD on campus and online) and a Doctor of Psychology in Marriage Family Therapy, Ryokan College offers other degree programs such as the Combination Master of Arts in Psychology & the PsyD Program, the Certificate or Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology Program, the Master of Arts in Professional Counseling Program, the Master of Business Administration Program, the Master of Arts in Business Psychology (Industrial/Organizational) Program, the Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MA on campus and online), and the Bachelor of Arts in Human Behavior (on campus).

Ryokan College is an unaccredited school of psychology located in Los Angeles California. It is one of several schools in California that offer psychology degrees and that are unaccredited. To some, accreditation means everything, while others are just concerned with getting a degree. It is important to earn a degree, and in the case of practicing clinical psychology it is an absolute requirement. However, with that said, it is also significant whether or not a school is accredited and by which accrediting organization. Often times, schools will be after one’s money and will care less about the actual education being provided. If a school is accredited and approved, there is less of a change that one will graduate and not receive the deserved recognition.

The PsyD Programs offered at Ryokan College include a Doctor of Psychology Degree (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology as well as a Doctor of Psychology Degree in Marriage Family Therapy. The former program is sought after by individuals interested in graduating and qualifying for Licensure as a Psychologist in the State of California. The latter program is geared toward licensed marriage family therapists who want to expand their knowledge and increase the value of their degrees by earning a prestigious doctoral degree. This program has an emphasis on marriage and family therapy and provides students with a higher level of knowledge than offered through MA programs.

A PsyD degree earned through Ryokan College will provide students with the necessary tools needed for becoming a psychologist. Though smaller than many other colleges and universities, Ryokan College is one of the few institutions that offer the unique opportunity to earn a PsyD degree online. Using the most advanced technology for distance learning, Ryokan College is certainly a solid player in the tight competition