Online PsyD

A PsyD degree is a Doctor of Psychology degree.  It is a doctoral degree and it is the highest degree a psychology student can earn.  Equivalent to the PhD in Psychology, the PsyD focuses more on practical skills than on research and prepares students for a future in clinical psychology.  Clinical psychologists are trained to treat individuals with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disease, by learning to interview and evaluate their patients and by doing so, coming up with an appropriate treatment plan.

One of the most common questions in regards to the PsyD degree if not the most popular one, is how it differs from a PhD in Psychology.  This is an extremely valid question and an important one as well, since both degrees are prestigious yet different and used for separate purposes.  Both degrees are doctorate level degrees, however, like all PhD degrees; the PhD in Psychology is a research oriented degree that prepares individuals for a rigorous future in psychological research.  It does not certify one as a clinical psychologist or provide the necessary tools for counseling and treating patients. The PsyD degree on the other hand allows one to work as a legal clinical psychologist, a most sought after, prestigious, and generally well-paying position.

Online PsyD degree programs are rather uncommon and much harder to find than other online degree programs.  In general online programs and online degrees have the reputation of being inferior to campus programs and degrees.  This has changed greatly over the years but it depends very much on the particular school, program, and degree.  Since Psychology is such a serious field, it is seen as too serious of a degree program to be left to be taught online.  However, there are still solid and renowned online PsyD programs that continue to certify successful and intelligent psychologists

Though there are many schools these days that offer online programs, it is quite difficult to find an online school or program that offers a PsyD degree program.  There are schools that offer other online programs, and offer a PsyD program but not online, and there are schools that offer online Masters and Bachelor programs in Psychology, but not doctorate levels.  The schools that do offer online Doctor of Psychology degree programs include Saybrook University, University of the Rockies, and Ryokan College.  Other schools such as the Chicago School of Professional Psychology offer online PhD in Psychology programs, which require some on-campus attendance. Walden University, Capella University, and University of Phoenix are examples of additional schools that offer Online PhD in Psychology degrees in a variety of specializations.

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